What do you do when you reach 30, realize you hate your job and decide to pursue a career change?

What if said change involves leaving a cushy (but boring) engineering field, and taking a leap into the wild and confusing jungles of digital communications?

Naturally, you start a blog.

Some years ago I realized my interest in engineering wasn’t as strong as my high-school self thought it would be. I returned to school to pursue a career change. A chance internship during my last year of university kickstarted a love affair with marketing and communications that lasts to this day. I get excited over things like click rates, conversions, and behaviour flows so you don’t have to.

I now work as a digital marketing professional, and use classic marketing strategies, behavioural psychology, and design to create websites and online campaigns that sell more stuff.

Check out my portfolio and LinkedIn profile for more information.

Want to know what skills I needed to make it? Want to become a growth hacker extraordinaire, a web communications guru? Me too. Let’s get started.

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